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# Radio 2.5.4
# © 2015-2017 by crosstales LLC (
# List of all radio stations from 'RadioProviderUser'
# Created: 05.05.2017
# Name;Url;DataFormat;AudioFormat;Station (optional);Genres (optional);Bitrate (in kbit/s, optional);Rating (0-5, optional);Description (optional);ChunkSize (in KB, optional);BufferSize (in KB, optional)
Absolute 70's pop radio;;Stream;MP3;;70s;128;3;
Absolute 90's radio;;Stream;MP3;;90s;256;4;
Absolute country hits radio;;Stream;MP3;;country;128;2;
Absolute top 40 radio;;Stream;MP3;;top40;128;3;
Classic rock replay radio;;Stream;MP3;;rock;128;4;
High voltage radio;;Stream;MP3;;hard rock;256;3;
Radio Paradise;;Stream;OGG;;rock;96;4;
Left Coast 70s;;Stream;MP3;;70s;320;4;Mellow album rock from the Seventies. Yacht friendly.
Punkrockers Radio;;Stream;OGG;;punk;128;3;
Alternative;;Stream;MP3;;punk, hardcore, alternative;128;3;

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