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Drunkn Bar Fight's Player's Guide




Clear your play space and all surrounding areas of objects. 
You don't need to punch hard to do well at this game.
Before you play, check the ceiling for lamps or fans. If they are in arm's reach, don't play near them.
If you are anywhere near the edge of the play area, don't punch.
Do don't have to take a real step, you can move with the controller.

Known issues

1. Game doesn't load and stays in a blue loading environment.

This will happen if SteamVR is not running properly or if Steam is not running. To fix, please make sure Steam is running and SteamVR is not reporting any errors. If this problem persists, please inform us through our bug reports listed below.


Bug reports []

2. Video is choppy or hit collisions feel wrong or off (Bad Hitboxes)

This will happen if you have Supersampling turned on. To fix, please turn off Supersampling. If this problem persists, please inform us through our survey listed below.

Performance survey [


2. Jukebox doesn't play music

This will happen if there was an issue creating the "MyRadioStations" file when the game runs for the first time. To fix, please copy this link into your "C:\Users\[your name]\AppData\LocalLow\[name]\Drunkn Bar Fight" directory. For more information please see info on Radio Stations below.


Once you have been struck in the head by an opponent, you will be KO'd. The game will freeze and the camera will show the blow 3rd person. Your character will then fall to the ground and the controllers will appear in your hands. You can then use the controllers to pick your character off the ground to get him to stand before the end of the 10 count. He needs to be standing straight up with his hands resting by his side to stand by himself. Use both controllers and grab your character by both shoulders, once he is vertical, with the triggers held, slightly lower your hands until your character's hands are resting by his side.


There are a set of things the player can do to earn points and applause from the bar.

Stitchz - Throw and break bottle off AI character head
Nutz - Hit AI character in nuts
Splinterz - Break chair on AI character
Coconutz - Knock two AI characters head together
Ballz - Fight 4 or more AI characters
Bullzeye - Hit an AI character in the eye with a dart
Shardz - Break a window 
Salutz - Give the middle finger
Cheapz - Beat the game only using one chair
Tunez - Change the radio station 
Comboz - Hit an AI character up in the air and punch him before he lands
Toughz - Stand up from first KO
Collateralz - Hit someone in the peanut gallery with a thrown object 
Powerupz - Drink 5 drinks
Giantz - Drink 10 drinks
Buttz - Head butt

PC monitor display

The view on the PC monitor can be toggled using the space bar from POV to 3rd person. Once the camera is in 3rd person view, the mouse can adjust the camera's location by holding the right mouse button.

Did you know.....?

This game is more fun with friends.
You can move with the directional button on the controller. You need to use the inside of the button to move currently. 
You can turn the music volume off with the round knob on the Jukebox.
If you drink 5 drinks you will grow and become stronger. And you will grow again after 10 drinks.
You can change the music by pushing buttons on the Jukebox.
You can throw bottles, chairs, and darts.
You can block punches.
You shouldn't fight girls, just rest and have a couple of drinks.


Recording Video 

For those interested in recording Mixed Reality videos, we found this guide useful:

If you prefer to record the game without the player's character displayed (recommended) you can toggle the display of the player's character with the "b" button on your keyboard.

Customizable Internet Radio Stations

You can personalize which radio stations appear on the jukebox.     There is a file called "MyRadioStations".   It likely will be located "C:\Users\[your name]\AppData\LocalLow\[name]\Drunkn Bar Fight" but it could appear elsewhere depending on how Steam is configured.   Link to file  The file looks like:   

# Radio PRO 2.4.1
# © 2015 - 2016 by crosstales LLC (
# List of all radio stations from 'RadioProviderUser'
# Created: 01.09.2016
# Name;Url;DataFormat;AudioFormat;Station (optional);Genres (optional);Bitrate (in kbit/s, optional);Rating (0-5, optional);Description (optional);ChunkSize (in KB, optional);BufferSize (in KB, optional)
Left Coast 70s;;Stream;MP3;;70s;320;4;Mellow album rock from the Seventies. Yacht friendly.
Absolute 70's pop radio;;Stream;MP3;;70s;128;3;
Absolute 90's radio;;Stream;MP3;;90s;256;4;
Absolute country hits radio;;Stream;MP3;;country;128;2;
Absolute top 40 radio;;Stream;MP3;;top40;128;3;
Classic rock replay radio;;Stream;MP3;;rock;128;4;
Radio Paradise;;Stream;OGG;;rock;96;4;
High voltage radio;;Stream;MP3;;hard rock;256;3;
Alternative;;Stream;MP3;;punk, hardcore, alternative;128;3;
Punkrockers Radio;;Stream;OGG;;punk;128;3;


To change which stations appear swap out a line in the file with the new station information of the internet radio station of your choice.       You can find new stations:   

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